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DONGGUAN GANGXU MACHINERY LTD. is located in the manufacturing sector is highly developed Humen Town, Dongguan City, is a production, sales, Trade in one of Taiwan joint venture, professional services in the printing, Corrugated box plants, printing enterprises, as well as post offices, books, newspapers and other industries, Is a company with 10 years of unique rich professional and technical machinery manufacturing enterprises. All mechanical parts are made of imported materials, The whole machine to use the No. 45 steel refined, ultra-high wear Excellent quality, excellent performance, low failure rate, speed, high efficiency, Cost savings, the use of simple, cost-effective features. Therefore has been recognized by the packing peers and many well-known brands, Over the years by virtue of the concerted efforts of employees across the company, Has numerous domestic and foreign customers and domestic and foreign excellent Carton machinery manufacturers and suppliers in the show to establish a long-term cooperative relationship. Has customers throughout the country and exported to various parts of the world, And good reputation,

perfect service, affordable prices, Excellent quality by the majority of customers trust and support.

The adoption of technology in Taiwan specializing in the production of dual-servo high-speed semi-automatic nail me, Semi-automatic paste box machine, automatic paste box machine, two-piece semi-automatic nail me. High-speed semi-automatic nail me, the Taiwan High Speed nail me, the card every machine, PE automatic strapping a variety of carton packaging machinery, With years of practical experience in the production of carton machinery. All products are absorption and digestion of foreign advanced technology, Aim at the world advanced level of design and development, The company not only has a senior mechanical engineer and world-class design team, Domestic and foreign leading technology and advanced production equipment, testing equipment.

Over the years the company "exploration, innovation, quality, trustworthiness, Customer first "for the purpose, has been rated as advanced enterprises. To thank the love of the customers of the company, the company solemnly promise, To provide customers with high quality products and services. Warm welcome to the new and old customers call to discuss We treasure every time the opportunity to cooperate with you, either now or in the future. Our customers willing to work together to create brilliant, The company staff warmly welcome you to our factory for inspection and negotiate business!

We are determined to develop the best products to provide the best service, Create the best brand, the moment of Bing Kee integrity, quality, service, Dedicated spirit of enterprise-class management, first-class service, first-class team, first-class enthusiasm to conquer our God. In the training of talents, We firmly believe that every employee is a manager, do not worry about not be able to play to their strengths, As long as you dare to show, I would dare to give you a stage, lighting and thunderous applause. No permanent brand, only permanent reputation, we do not want to appear on the wall, On the screen, we just want to stay forever in everyone's mind.We will continue to provide high quality products and services,In order to continuously improve customer satisfaction, for your dedicated service!